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What Are Panic Attacks or Anxiety Disorder?

Panic attacks, which affect roughly one-third of Americans, and perhaps many more who are simply unaware that they are even suffering from panic attacks, involve a period of intense, often overwhelming and irrational, fear of distress that are usually associated with other fears.

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Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

Those who have suffered from panic attacks all suffer from similar symptoms. Sweaty palms, an overly high heart rate, mental confusion – all, as well as many others, are products of panic attacks. Knowing what these symptoms are, and, more importantly, being able to recognize them is crucial if people are to be properly diagnosed.

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Treatment Options

There are several treatments available to sufferers of panic attacks and anxiety disorder. However, we insist in recommending solutions that don't just say that they would offer you relief, but have actually proven themselves... over and over again!.

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